Alifia Chakera

Alifia Chakera

Head of Programme for Nitrous Oxide Mitigation – Scottish Government

As the head of nitrous oxide mitigation for the Scottish government, Alifia Chakera is having a national and international impact on climate change.

Her work has already resulted in a reduction in the equivalent of 457 tonnes of CO2 — which represents more than 1,400 flights from Edinburgh to New York.

Across just three NHS sites, Alifia demonstrated that over-provision, poor stock rotation, inadequate security and system loss caused an annual waste of piped nitrous oxide equivalent to 1,039 tonnes of CO2.

In January 2021, she escalated this work across the UK and, by spring, 16 hospitals had reported waste to a magnitude of 13.7 million litres.

In 2021, Alifia became the first pharmacist to win the Association of Anaesthetists Environmental Award for her project, which recognises the single best project that has and will have a measurable beneficial effect on the environment.