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AirX Pro Medical Grade Air Purifiers Featuring Patented Technology can actually Destroy Viruses in the Air before even reaching their Industry Leading 8 Stage Purification System.

An Air Purification System like no other, AirX Pro emits over 24 Million Negative ION’s every second which are able to disassemble Viruses in the Air making it Safer to Breathe for Everyone.

With Thousands of AirX Pro Systems in use across UK, Europe, Middle East & USA, and a client list including NHS, BUPA, Bank of England, GlaxoSmithKline, DfE and many Universities including Cambridge University, Kings College London, Bath, & Coventry, AirX Pro is the Professional’s Choice.

How many organisations/clients currently utilise the service/solution across the UK?
Over 3000 different sites are using AirX Pro

Is there anything you would like to make delegates aware of ahead of the IPC & HFM Conference in Scotland?
Come and see why BUPA invested over £1 Million in AirX Pro.

Why is this Air Purification System so different?

How does it disassemble and destroy Viruses in the Air?

What do you feel are the key points delegates need to digest when considering a partnership with your organisation?
17 Years Experience in Air Treatment Industry.

Stocks of Over 3000 AirX Pro Systems in our UK Warehouses for Immediate Delivery.

Scientifically Proven Technology.

Vast Medical Client User List.

Do you want to add any other key points?
AirX Pro is the most effective system for destroying Viruses in the Air due to the Ultra High Output Negative ION Generators.

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